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Ali BabaAli Baba was born in to a royal family in Warri, Delta State, on 24th of June 1965 in Agbarha Otor in what is today known as Ughelli North Local Government Area. He has achieved widespread fame in the world of comedy.

Ali Baba never had an inkling that he would become the pathfinder of modern day comedy in the 90s along with his late friend, Mohammed Danjuma about whom he usually refers long after the latter’s demise.

The Comedian entered Lagos for the first time at the age of 8 and stamped his foot on the sands of time as pioneer of stand up comedy in Nigeria. Ali Baba who has become a social commentator for a while now is a graduate of the prestigious Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma but moved down to Lagos, having discovered his comic talent in his 3rd year in university.

His career in comedy started with him anchoring corporate events, appearing on television shows with the likes of Patrick Doyle, Charley Boy and Danladi Bako while also making cameo appearances on radio shows with Bisi Olatilo, Sani Irabor and Mani Onumonmu among others.

The Cancerian enjoys a bubbly celebration of his birthday with friends and family each year. He no doubt knows how well to unwind and set priorities. This year, I’m pretty sure I missed quite a lot in the felicitations that saw the King of Comedy counting his blessings and numbering his days in joy.

So I called Mr Ali Baba the king of comedy after his birthday to wish him happy birthday and also to tell him how sorry I was to have missed his big day. I explained how things had been with me and he shared some words of encouragement with prayers.

In order to make it up to him, I had a small birthday gift ready to appease his nature. He insisted I pulled myself together before anything. As things would sway, he got an assurance and then gave me an appointment to be at his office the next day.

Hours into the appointment, I could barely catch some sleep because the excitement that overtook me was surreal.  Calling to reaffirm our appointment met with hitches as this great icon seemed to be running on an extremely tight schedule.

At some point, I had to play escort to one of his appointments. On our way, I missed the convoy driving because of traffic and other fast drivers. I was angry I missed him because distracting people isn’t really my thing but I was left with no choice than to send him a message that I was lost. Funny thing, he gave me precise descriptions and I met with him in no time.

After that too, he was on the move again to keep another appointment. To my greatest surprise, he entered my not too expensive car leaving his car to be driven by his driver behind us. It dawned on me that as busy as he was, he still made out time for me to meet with him. The short time we spent in my care left me dazed and revealed more about his persona.

Ali Baba did nothing but left me in utter shock when he asked me to present the gift I had for him when we parked on Ikoyi road. Meanwhile, he had asked me to tag along to his daughter’s school to watch her perform.  I was shy at first but saw how happy and grateful he was.

We gisted, took pictures and had a swell time. He left an indelible mark of humility and gracefulness on me and I was glad to have met and spent time with him. As little as the gift was, he appreciated it as though I had given him a house.

Ali Baba is such a big blessing to our generation. He is the only man I know that wears his glasses when he wants to look at people but removes it when he wants to read. That’s how much I have studied him and his ways. He could be described as an epitome of humility and a perfect gentleman.

The only reason he keeps soaring is because of his humility. My encounter has taught me that staying humble is the new success.  I think reasons why some entertainers don’t make it far in life is because of their misplaced priorities by giving appointments that will never happen. Making appointments very difficult even for something that will better their lives because of their cashless and nasty behavior towards people who intend to add value to their lives.

My encounter with him taught me never to look down on anyone because you never can tell where your help is coming from. He has even taught me to be accessible and when you find out some people don’t have your back, then you can distant yourself from them.

Infact, other things that he taught me I won’t share with you all again. Biko go and experience it yourselves!!!

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Ali BabaAli BabaAli Baba



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