Royalty Brown

3-year-old daughter and first child of hip hop and R&B artist Chris Brown, Royalty Brown, who was born by her father’s friend, model Nia Guzman is taking after her father as she is unleashing her talents at a young age.

Just like her dad has his own clothing line, the tiny entrepreneur has launched her unisex clothing line called ‘Black Pyramid’.

Her brand will be focusing on crafting wears for the fun and energetic kid with an outgoing personality.

TMZ reports that Royalty’s mum, Nia Guzman, will be helping the little girl with her brand.

The brand’s debut collection features from casual daywear to night time pyjamas, monster graphics, two-piece and one-piece suits, and youth cosmetics all inspired by Brown’s art.

See photos below:

Royalty Brown



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