Bodex Media Storms Benin Royal Hotel for Test Tour of Destination Ouidha powered by Motherland Beckons

Motherland beckons hosts few personalities to test tour in Benin Royal Hotel. The theme this time leads to destination Ouidha. This is meant to be an experience to promote tourism.and further strengthen the bond across nations. The trip also helped to foster a good retreat time for proper planning and strategy for the year.

All work and no play they say, makes Jack a dull boy. This time, Jack becomes Bodex Media. The trip was the bomb! It is absolutely the best feeling ever to set the sail of the journey of year 2018. With wonderful people on this journey, it was a road trip like never before.

The trip started with us taking off from the island. Every moment was bubbly and fun-filled with the likes of the MD/CEO Bodex Media herself, an aorta of fun. Everyone was in fact stung by the bug of fun. Leaving the island to the border took a while, but was fast.

We left at 3:25 pm and got to the border at 6:38pm. We waited a while for our next ride across the Nigerian/Beninoise border. At 6:51pm, we were past seme border, deep into the Beninois territory.

The border was more of a market and had stops at almost every meter. The journey across the border was effortless, save the proper documentations and all. It can be surprising how difficult it could be to cross from Nigeria to Benin Republic.

We took selfies and at the same time, explored what the border holds in goods and arts. We continued on the journey with more distance to cover as our major destination was at Cotonou, which is about an hour plus from seme border.

The bus still was lit up in fun, and Beninoise really knew that there were some people in town. We even missed our way at some point, but thanks to the good cyclists of Benin who went out of the way to lead us to our final destination-Benin Royal Hotel.

We arrived the hotel at about 8:05pm with a warm reception from the African ambassador of tourism- Otunba Olawanle Akinboboye and the chairman of Benin Royal hotel, Mr Bouraimoh Dine. The hotel which would pass for a five-star houses about 68 rooms en suite, with a wide swimming pool anchored on the 5th floor-such a great structure and architectural masterpiece!

After checking in to our various rooms, we were greeted the official Benin way with variety of food and drinks. “You could really eat to stupor!” Everyone enjoyed the dinner served starting from the dessert, to the main course, and then the appetizer itself. If you didn’t have a large appetite, all the dishes served would run into wastage.

We were treated like the royalty that we are and the reception was warm and hospitable. Everyone tending us was polite and respectful. If I’m asked to write a review, they are worth a 5-star.

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