Few days ago, Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel was nabbed wearing a fake Louis Vuitton shirt.
Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze, who is a freak for designers called him out on Instagram saying;
Are Nigerians ever going to learn?? There was once a survey that estimated our average intelligence quotient at 67.

In the developed world, an IQ of 67 is considered slow and in some countries, such a low IQ entitles you to government benefits.

I initially discarded these figures, but with the level of stupidity I see especially on social media, I believe I have cause to be worried…

I have nothing against kiss Daniel I genuinely appreciate his talent, so I will pay to download his music, not but it in traffic, because Kiss Daniel won’t like his intellectual property stolen, I’m sure.

I am hoping he didn’t buy fake and if he did, he didn’t know that he was patronizing counterfeit products.

In many countries, you can earn jail time for buying counterfeit products.

IN FRANCE, YOU FACE UP TO 3 YEARS IN JAIL FOR CARRYING A FAKE DESIGNER BAG! That’s right, just carrying a bag could spell out all sorts of woes for you.

Scroll left to see posters at airports in many countries, warning travelers of buying and even wearing these products!

Counterfeiting is similar to prostitution, in the sense that it’s not only the prostitute that is a criminal, those patronizing her merchandise are guilty as well.

Comments like “is it your fake” and “cloth na cloth” only serve to highlight the many shortcomings of this nation, especially with regards to education, enlightenment, exposure and average IQ. ~FRZ


Daddy Freeze has revealed that he has had a phone conversation with Kiss Daniel in reaction to the shirt. Kiss Daniel blamed it on the stylist who created the look for a shooting.

Daddy freeze then posted on Instagram:



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