Eric Many management speaks on alleged sex tape linked to the label’s boss, Dilly and their embattled act, Runtown.

Earlier today, an alleged chat between Dilly and a PR guru leaked and likely showed off the singer in bed with a lady whose identity is one of the reasons why the video is still withheld from the public.

Speaking of the sex tape, the General Manager of Eric Many Entertainment, Johnson Adumike, who labelled the alleged chat as a fake one and further addressed the leaked sex tape as a ‘fake’ and ‘childish’ act, disclosed that the Instagram page where the sex tape was leaked belongs to a social media influencer.

Johnson Adumike also said in the statement released today, that Eric Many is respected entertainment company who will put out fact with legal documents and backings, and won’t be drawn into a childish charade by whoever is behind the fake news.

At first glance, you’ll realize that the Instagram page in question obviously belongs to a social media influencer. How else do you explain a page of someone in the entertainment industry with over 11k followers and 7 posts with no known affiliation. The Whatsapp chat that accompanied the story is also fake’.

The statement continues to say, ‘what we (Eric Many) have done as a respected entertainment company is to put out fact with legal documents and backings, we will not be drawn into a childish charade and drag ourselves in the mud with whoever is behind this fake news. We maintain that we have no sex tape of Runtown and the alleged Whatsapp chat is fake. We have a Federal High Court Injunction, we do not need to resort to blackmail as we solely rely on the legal system and will update the public as the legal proceedings move.



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