A Nigerian man identified as Luiz Fedelis, who was pronounced dead by 4 hospitals in Lagos but was revived after his Area Pastor placed the prophetic mantle of Bishop Oyedepo round his neck and poured some anointing oil inside his mouth, was in Canaanland, the headquarters of Living Faith Ministries Worldwideyesterday, to give his testimony.

It was gathered that the Nigerian man reportedly vomited two cowries, before his life was restored. The testimony shared on the Facebook page of the press and publicity unit of Bishop David Oyedepo’s church, Winners chapel, reads;

Luiz Fedelis was confirmed dead after being taken to four major hospitals in Lagos. His Area pastor ordered for him to be brought home, after which he called on the God of his father Bishop David Oyedepo, he placed the prophetic mantle round his neck and poured some anointing oil inside his mouth. Surprisingly he vomited two cowries, life was restored. See him walking gallantly in the lord. Bishop David Oyedepo declared that anything dying or dead around you shall be restored back to live by the resurrection power of Christ.


This is not the first report of a dead person, being revived by the prophetic Mantle of Bishop Oyedepo. In 2016, there was a viral report of a lady who was revived by the Pastor’s prophetic mantle, after she bled to death during childbirth.

The report read;

Dead Raised to Life!
“On June 30, 2014, my wife was scheduled to deliver our baby through Caesarean Section (CS) and thereafter, a hernia repair surgery. The CS was successful, but after the hernia surgery, my wife bled uncontrollably to death.
I keyed into the Word of God in Isaiah 65:20-22 that my wife will not plant for another to eat, and she will not build for another to inhabit. I also called on the God of Bishop David Oyedepo for His intervention.
After seven and half hours, our Zonal Pastor of Living Faith Church, came with some Kingdom armouries―the mantle, Communion and the Bishop’s picture, which he placed on my wife’s head. He placed the mantle on her stomach where she was operated and also anointed every part of her body. Then, he gave me the Communion on her behalf and said that because my wife and I are one, it would work on her body as well. Thereafter, we engaged in high praises.
Lo and behold, my wife who was dead for seven hours and 30 minutes came back to life in the midst of that praise session. We give God all the glory for all He did for us!”—Mr. & Mrs. Joseph

I see any dead issue in your raid back to life in Jesus’ name!



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