Google maintain it’s dominance on the Internet – See reasons

With over $120.9 billion worth, Google today has cemented its dominance in the search engine business. The company is not only a dominant force in the search engine world, but also a major player in the tech industry. Although Founded on 4 September 1998, the company actually began in January 1996 as just a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today the company is worth billions of dollars in revenue.

Have you ever wondered how a small company like Google became is rich and powerful, today I will like to share some few secrets. Before the coming of Google, they were the likes of IBM, Microsoft, and Yahoo. While IBM was solely focused on computer production, Microsoft on computer software, Yahoo was dominating the search engine business. Now the Question is, what happen to Yahoo, How did Google become the search engines dominant force with Yahoo in the game.

The truth is and according to Nigerians, they were so many factors involved. While this may be so, one dominate factor why Yahoo lost Google was the use sense. While Yahoo was using NetApp’s purpose-built storage appliances for almost all its File System, Google was building its own software-defined infrastructure. Before Google were able to complete its project, Yahoo was already at the top. The success of Yahoo was also their downfall as the cost and time of running and re-engineering NetApp platform became a problem. For every new service added by Yahoo, it needed to re-engineer the NetApp platform for that specific use case.

Now back to how Google has managed to maintain its dominance, the simple answer is Service For Free. Yes, you heard me right. Google dominance in the internet world is large due to the company offer a lot of service for free, in return for advertising. Wondering what services Google offer for free, check out your Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Chrome browser and Android platform. All this service, are offered free of charge in exchange for advert placement.

Google makes billions of dollars on the internet by simply running ads on all of its free platform. Why you use the free platform, you get to see the ads and advertisers pays for you viewing the ads. Nice trick abi, yes it is. Now let me explain further, just in case you do not understand. Android is an open source platform, for ever smartphone that runs on Android, It comes with chrome as the default browser. The Chrome browser features Google search as its default search engine, so when you make any search, ads are displayed among the search and advertisers pays for this. This also applies to YouTube search, Gmail and Blogger. For Blogger, you have the option to run Adsense ad own by Google when you setup a free blogger account.

Google has been able to maintain dominance over the years and its not planning to relinquish that title anytime soon.

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