Nigerian Pastors Fail To Support The FG In Their Battle Against Corruption – VP Yemi Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbanjo today blamed Nigerian pastors for failing to support the Federal in their battle against corruption. According to the Vice President, Nigerian pastors hardly preach against corruption during their sermon in Church.

Speaking at the 30th National Biennial Conference of the Students Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria holding in Enugu, Osinbajo noted that preachers were preoccupied with preaching prosperity rather than righteousness.

“Very rarely do you hear our preachers talk about corruption from their pulpits. If a nation is not righteous nothing will help it.” he said.

The vice president said Nigeria is currently faced with systemic corruption.

“Our problem in this country is not ethnicity or religion; it is not about Christians or Muslims. Our problems are the same wherever you go in this country. The story of our country is about good and evil. It is about those that have left us in this condition by stealing our common resources. Do not let anyone deceive you.”

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