Nigerian Blogger, Ajide David Timothy Celebrates His Birthday Today

Nigerian blogger, Ajide David Timothy, flaunts in numerous styles as he celebrates his birthday today September 10, 2018.

Timothy, who is a blogger, Graphic artist, Web developer and a Musicologist took to his Facebook page to thank God for the gift of life.

He wrote:

Today is my day the day i came into this
wonderful world, the day mom held me and said
he his so handsome, the day the doctor told Dad
that u just had a bouncing baby boy, today is the
day the Heaven, Stars, Moon rejoice over me,
today is the day i came into this world where i meet
with people that thought me things that i don’t
know, people that love and care for me, people
that made me feel happy and made me forget
about my difficult times, i love u all my love ones
and friends and also to the one who my heart beat for i love u
people so much. And also a big thank you to
those who hurt my feelings, those who made me
pass true hell and those who made me feel like an
outcast, thank u so much because u made me
know that life is not a platform of Gold, thanks and
God bless u all. With this i say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Ajide David Timothy

Ajide David Timothy

Ajide David Timothy

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