Ace Comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka Says It’s Better To Be Successful Than Being Funny

Gbenga Adeyinka who talked about being in the comedy business for two decades, stated that is better to be successful than being funny. The ace comedian who recounted how people often told him that he was not funny which ended up bothering him, revealed that he had a higher priority and this made him develop a thick skin against such comments. According to Gbenga Adeyinka, it is much more better to be successful than being funny as God will not allow him to be funny and also hungry.

He told Saturday Beats; “I do not want to be funny, I want to be successful and there is no one that can say that I am not successful. May God not let me be funny and still be hungry. For me, I try my best and anytime I work, people that pay me laugh.

“Initially, when people told me that I was not funny, it used to bother me but it does not anymore as long as I work hard. I am faithful to my craft and people invite me for shows and the audience enjoy my performance. They are the people that I should be bothered about. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

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