Atiku vs Buhari : Buhari Desperately Shopping For New Friends As Days Wind Down


Very aware that he, with his party, are in real danger of losing a mandate majority believe was stolen in the first place, President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC started making some desperate overtures to lure the Nigerian people to their side.

But like pretenders they have been from inception, their efforts lack genuine hope for a better tomorrow, fuelling further mistrust amongst the majority of the populace, who are not new to failed promises.

From injecting funds and kicking off visible works on Second Niger Bridge project to sharing of further TraderMoni on one hand, the fierce introduction of RUGA on the other hand betrayed Buhari’s real intentions.

From bogus promises of lifting a hundred million Nigerians out of poverty to slamming shut all the borders which are already plunging millions into poverty, Buhari’s Next Level is being clearly understood as Next Level into POVERTY.

And any hope of a positive vision by the extreme optimists jumped straight out of the window the moment the C-in-C labouriosly read through the 2020 budget.

Increasing taxes for citizens and companies already in dire financial difficulties is not going to lift anyone out of poverty, not to talk of the touted 100 million.

But Buhari and his cabal didn’t stop within. Apparently very aware that the people are no longer buying their scam, they went globetrotting in search of new friends.

He went to the United States.

But with President Donald Trump not one to play poker with, especially when you’re an enemy to free democracy, Buhari and his cabal hit a brick wall at any diplomatic overtures to lure the biggest democratic country on earth.

With Trump’s no-nonsense stance on election riggers and extending same influence to the EU nations, Buhari’s radar needed a change in direction and fast.

He was in China. He was in Japan. And many others. But his recent visit to Russia exposed the mother of all desperations.

Apparently thinking the Cold War was still on, Buhari went to Russia clutching a package of ‘mono-leteral’ relationship that sent just one message – spite America.

Viewed from neutral binoculars, Buhari’s agenda in Russia may not raise eyebrows regarding the following…

1.Developing Nigeria’s enormous gas potential and infrastructure. 2. Getting Ajaokuta steel plant back on its feet 3. Developing Nigeria’s rail sector 4. Education and Agriculture 5. Building of a Nuclear power plant

But the sixth one which is in the area of Security and Military Cooperation is where keen followers will observe that Buhari is running to President Vladimir Putin, cap-in-hand with clear intent – be my friend at this very moment to help me survive international snub regarding my still-very-contentious second term.

And Buhari made it clear thus…
“There are many similarities between Russia’s journey and your leadership and Nigeria’s aspirations for the future. We can learn a lot from the experience of Russia’s ongoing reforms and transitioning from an oil dependent economy to a modern, diversified and inclusive economy.”

Putin returned the favours by agreeing to all the proposals that would guarantee only one winner – Russia.

But the Cold War was dead in 1989, on 3rd December precisely. These days the iron curtain has been lowered and concerts don’t come that devious from the former socialist enclave. Military alignments no longer take priority in a country battling to gain economic stability.

And more, Presidents Putin and Trump are not really the enemies they appear on the surface. The two divides of the Republicans and Democrats in the American Congress may have united in checkmating Putin’s hopes of new diplomatic breakthroughs with America on Trump’s arrival but these two influential world leaders are clandestine friends.

If Buhari and his cabal believe they scored huge diplomatic goals in the land of hammer and sickle, they need a lot of catching up to do.

Everybody out there knows that he hasn’t got a certificate, everyone out there knows he didn’t win the election, everyone out there knows he is living on borrowed time. No one will trust any long-term deal or relationship Buhari is offering. He is only making time and wasting further resources. His disregard to set rules and stuffling the Judiciary are legendary. Such leaders are handled worldwide with a sterilised barge pole.

When he had the mandate, Buhari messed up the whole country. He will be far worse now that Atiku has proved beyond every reasonable doubt that he stole this one.

The Supreme Court should just do the needful and put Nigeria on the genuine path of working again.

The world observe and wait for Justice Ibrahim Tanko and his team as…


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