2019 Bodex Social Media Hangout

Producers and consumers, both in the traditional and new media sub-sectors, should interact more, as they need each other to co-exist as such interaction is a tool to positively shape the society because without publishers there won’t be readers and vice versa.

Renowned media professional and entrepreneur, Florence Bodex Hungbo, said this while speaking to newsmen about the maiden edition of Bodex Social Media Hangout, BSMH, which she said will bring governors, representatives of ministries and parastatals, business executives, journalists from across platforms and media, social media influencers and fans under one roof.

According to Bodex, “the aim is to bring under one umbrella the producers, who are publishers of news and the consumers, who are the fans either as followers and readers and other stakeholders to co-exist.

“This initiative will enable all stakeholders connect, network, share and have fun. More of this kind of interaction can bring sanity to our youths by creating more awareness with constant reminder of the benefit of using social strengths in nations building.”

She added that the event, scheduled for November 30 at Raddision Blu, Ikeja, Lagos, will feature different speakers from all fields to speak on how social media can be used to stop fake news and fallacious comments

There will be performances by music stars, drinks and foods, comedians and actors to grace the hangout, including products exhibition, games and competitions.

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