Signs to know a woman isn’t ready for a relationship

If you’re trying to date a girl and you observe this signs just know that the girl  isn’t ready for a relationship, you need to move on and forget about the girl.

1. Asking you for money when you’re yet to start a relationship or it has just began (is it some sort of registration fee?)

2. Always talking about her ex or always finds a way to bring him into a conversation (it’s very likely she isn’t over him n needs some time)

3. Keeps telling you what other guys are doing for their women n comparing you (you’re different from other guys and shouldn’t feel less)

4. Doesn’t return the attention you give her or show interest in conversatios, ignores your msg or call (she could have interest in someone else)

5. Always picks on the negative things and chooses not to see the mood you do

6. Forgets every important detail and occasion which means a lot to u n doesn’t try to make up for it (her mind isn’t with you)

Sometimes a lady might not be into you but wouldn’t admit it just to avoid hurting your feelings but end up doing just that, your can tell from her action. She might also be hurt from her past experience n scared to try again. Some guys know how to make s gal open up.

Source:  Toolz on Twitter.

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