Alleged ‘Side Chic’ To Sue Wife After Public Assault For ₦100 Million

A video that surfaced online last week showing a married woman accosting a supposed side chick after her man has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

It turns out that first not only is the lady, who reportedly just returned from the UK, is not a side chick to this lady’s spouse but the woman is now suing the married lady for ₦100 million.

The video went viral causing a lot of upheaval on social media, cautioning married women to desist from attacking side chics in public spaces and taking it up with their husbands.

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  1. Dear sidechic,

    Remember what goes around comes around. Yes, life might have pushed you to do certain things but you can’t continue destroying homes. Remember, whatever one sows that he shall reap. Don’t complain when another shakes your marriage too.


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