White Man Married To Nigerian Lady Vows Never To Visit Nigeria for this Reason

A twitter user @ozorcchristian narrated an incident of a (couple) Nigerian woman married to a white man who visited Nigeria on holiday, the encounter that caused the man to vow never to visit Nigeria again.

He wrote

A Nigerian woman and her white husband visited for a brief holiday. That would be the first time the oyibo husband would be visiting Nigeria. Almost every tourist center they went, people walk up to them to beg for money. Every police check point was an avenue for officers to beg them for transport money. The couple saw it as harassment and, surely it is. Oyibo husband told wifey that no tourist will like to visit Nigeria with this “begging attitude” everywhere.

Man also told wifey he would never want to return to Nigeria again. Right from MMIA, some corrupt Immigration officials would have started extorting tourists. Even inside the banks, restaurants and organizations, security men would be begging for money. People on the streets will still beg you for money. Tourists won’t have freedom to express themselves or visit places most especially when they are whites.

I know things are hard, you’re not the only one experiencing it. It doesn’t warrant harassing people for money. We need an attitude change in this country

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