Lady falls in love with young man who allowed her to sit on his lap at a wedding

A lady has gone down memory lane to the time she first met the man she now calls the love of her life.

Taking to Twitter, the woman known as Shirley revealed that they met four years ago at a wedding. She had apparently been standing at the occasion and her legs began to hurt, so he allowed her to sit on his lap, thereby easing her pain.

Haitian Creative 🇭🇹 on Twitter: "Beyoncé vs JLo vs Ciara in a freestyle  dance battle, who y'all got?… "

According to her, that singular act was what endeared her to him, and they have been together eve since.

Haitian Creative 🇭🇹 on Twitter: "Dancing konpa with your partner naked is  a whole other level of intimacy 🙌🏾☺️"

Shirley with Twitter handle @shirleydor_ shared a photo of she and her beau with the caption;

The Naija Student/Couple Matchmaker🥰 on Twitter: "@shirleydor_ Dress well  to a wedding Make sure the seats are not enough Then seat in a strategic  position and wait for a pretty woman to

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