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5 foods to avoid if you have stomach ulcer



Trying to manage or heal stomach ulcers? See foods to stay away from as an ulcer patient…

Ulcer happens when painful sore forms around the stomach which happens when the thick layer of mucus meant to protect the stomach digestive juices is reduced in which case, the digestive acids eats away the tissues lining the stomach!

Stomach ulcers can be cured if prompt attention is paid to it (in form of drugs, lifestyle management amongst other things, another thing that helps to keep ulcer in check is the type of food one eats.

In ulcer patients, some foods are best avoided so as not to keep irritating the already sore area:

  1. Spicy Seasonings/Foods
    Spicy foods irritate the lining of the stomach and by extension the sore area. Spicy foods are also known to make ulcer symptoms worse in some cases.
  2. Coffee
    Coffee actually doesn’t cause ulcer but irritates it. The caffeine present in coffee erodes the already sore area (ulcer) making it worse and if the goal is to heal the ulcer, it is best to stay away from coffee or reduce taking it to the barest minimum.
  3. Alcohol
    An ulcer patient should avoid alcohol/alcohol beverages as a whole. Alcohol intake increases the stomach’s acid level making the ulcer worse and healing almost impossible.
  4. Red Meat
    Ulcer patients (especially peptic) should stay away from red meat! Red meat take longer to digest making acid level in the stomach to rise which irritates the area and worsens the symptoms. This can be replaced with chicken, turkey and other lean proteins.
  5. Refined Foods
    Pasta, white bread sugar and more processed foods should be replaced with leafy greens and vegetables, antioxidants loaded fruits with lots of water.


5 ways to avoid weight gain during the festive period




One thing is sure to happen during Christmas period, you will eat till you pop, and while many others have decided to give up on their weight loss goals and journey, there are many ways to ensure you are not overfed and you stick to your fitfam goals.

  1. Eat healthily
    Stock up on carrots, cabbage, lettuce and fruits like oranges, pineapple and bananas. The great thing about vegetables and fruits is that they are quite filling. You can also make salads and smoothies with them.
  2. If you are going out, eat before you go
    One reason people eat a lot is wherever they are during the festive period, they are offered food that’s so high in calories. This can be sorted out by eating healthy before you go out, so you can say no when offered food.
  3. Use a small plate and eat small portions
    This is an unknown hack, but if you must eat jollof rice, plantain, pounded yam and all sorts, use a small plate which would reduce your portion size, so you are not overfed.
  4. Stay away from carbonated beverages
    There are so many alternatives to soda. Like freshly squeezed juice and even yoghurt. Keep your alcohol level to a minimal level because alcohol even has as many calories as soda.
  5. Take long walks
    Don’t just eat and sit down during the holidays, you have got to move around! When you feel stuffed and almost constipated, drink a lot of water and take a long walk.
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5 foods you should avoid during pregnancy




As soon as a woman discovers she is pregnant, there is an awareness that she is no longer taking care of just herself.

This means she needs to avoid whatever would put her and her baby at risk. With this in mind, here are five foods women should not eat during pregnancy.

1) Raw fish
One food a pregnant woman needs to avoid is raw or undercooked fish. This includes the likes of sushi and any other seafood that is undercooked.

This is important because such foods might contain bacteria that is harmful to both the mother and the baby.

2) Raw eggs
While eggs are rich in protein, contain all the essential amino acids needed in the body and are good for consumption by pregnant women, there should be a limit when they are raw.

Eating raw eggs exposes a pregnant woman to risk of Salmonella infection. Some foods which also contain raw eggs need to be avoided by pregnant women. These include the likes of homemade ice cream, cake icing etc.

3) Alcohol
To have a healthy pregnancy and baby, alcohol is one drink every pregnant woman is advised to avoid. According to some studies, the intake of alcohol while pregnant increases the risk of miscarriage and still birth.

Some researchers even say a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy can negatively affect a baby’s brain development.

4) Caffeine
As soon as a woman is pregnant, she also needs to limit her intake of anything that contains caffeine.

This is because caffeine is easily passed on to babies via the placenta when ingested by the mother, and since the babies do not have the enzymes needed to metabolize caffeine, it affects them negatively.

5) Organ meat (Liver)
Another food pregnant women should avoid is liver. This particular food contains high levels of vitamin A in the form of retinol which is dangerous and toxic to a developing baby.

Excessive intake of vitamin A in this form while pregnant can lead to birth defects in the form of mutations and even lead to the development of cancerous cells.

In addition to the above, it is also advised that pregnant women limit their intake of sugary foods and processed junk foods as these can also be harmful during pregnancy.

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5 foods to eat when you have diarrhoea




Here’s what you need to eat when you find out that you have diarrhoea.

Even though your appetite may virtually disappear between your frequent trips to the toilet, drink a lot of water in your stomach, and stock up on meals that will make your stool firm, reduce diarrhoea and restore regular bowel function.

  1. Boiled potatoes
    One of the healthiest foods available today is the potato. is sweet potatoes especially when you have diarrhoea.

However, be careful not to fry the potatoes; instead, boil them and eat them without anything else. That shouldn’t be too difficult since they are already so sweet.

  1. White bread

Whole wheat bread contains insoluble fibre, which might stimulate digestion and make diarrhoea worse. It is much better to eat white flour-based bread.

  1. White rice
    One of the safest bets when purging is white rice. Don’t add stew or any other type of vegetables to it, just eat it as it is.
  2. Water/Coconut water

You need to drink a lot of water when purging because it keeps the body hydrated. Dehydration from diarrhoea can be harmful because you are losing a lot of vital nutrients like vitamins. Also, drinking coconut water will help you restore strength and nutrients.

  1. Oatmeal
    Oatmeal is incredibly nutritious and offers numerous health advantages. Oatmeal contains soluble fibre, which helps to firm up stools by absorbing water in the gastrointestinal tract. Eat it plainly and don’t add any additives.
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