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Power outage in Niger as Nigeria cuts electricity supply amid coup



Nigelec, Niger’s electricity company, says Nigeria’s government has cut supply to the neighbouring country, leading to blackouts in major cities.

The electricity company disclosed this in an interview with the BBC after power shortages hit the warring country.

Last week, Niger soldiers announced a coup on national TV that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, Niger’s democratically-elected president.

The military junta dissolved the constitution, suspended all institutions, and closed the nation’s borders.

In response to the coup, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), after an extraordinary session chaired by Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu, on Sunday, resolved to impose several sanctions on the military junta that toppled the democratic government in Niger.

Part of the sanctions by the regional body was freezing all service transactions, including energy transactions and deals with all financial institutions.

The West African leaders gave Niger’s military junta a week to give up power or face possible military consequences.

Tinubu strongly condemned the coup, saying ECOWAS would not tolerate any anti-democratic acts.

He also assured that the union would do everything to ensure that peace returns to Niger and the region at large.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, three West African nations: Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, backed the coup leaders in Niger — a move that threatens regional stability.

The governing military juntas urged ECOWAS against intervening in Niger, claiming that doing so would amount to a “declaration of war” against them as well.

We had reported that President Patrice Talon of Benin was deployed by the regional bloc to Niger to assess the situation.

The new military government has now reopened the country’s land borders and airspace.

The group said the borders were opened to Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Libya, and Chad — excluding Benin and Nigeria.

Tensions between Niger and other ECOWAS members remain as the country’s borders with Benin and Nigeria remain closed.

While the electricity situation reportedly followed a “presidential directive”, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) have declined to comment on the matter.


Extreme rainfall forces declaration of state of emergency in New York




Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, has declared a state of emergency after strong storms triggered flash flooding on Friday.

Hochul announced on X that the state of emergency would cut across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley.

“I am declaring a State of Emergency across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley due to the extreme rainfall we’re seeing throughout the region,” Hochul wrote.

“Please take steps to stay safe and remember to never attempt to travel on flooded roads.”

The flash floods have caused roads to be closed and public transit has been delayed or suspended in many areas.

Many of the city’s subway systems, streets and highways have been flooded, while at least one terminal at LaGuardia Airport has been closed.

Hochul described the storm which triggered the flood as dangerous and life-threatening and urged residents not to attempt travelling on flooded roads.

Officials said they have conducted at least six rescues of residents trapped in flooded basements, but there have been no reports of deaths or critical injuries.

The rain and flooding are expected to continue for the rest of the day.

Hochul said state agencies are coordinating closely with local governments and providing resources needed to address the extreme weather event.

She added that flood rescue teams are in impacted areas ready to support local responders.

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JUST IN: 50 killed in suicide attack during Eid-ul-Mawlid celebration in Pakistan




A suicide bomb blast has killed no fewer than 50 people in Pakistan.

The blast happened near a mosque in the southwestern province of Balochistan on Friday.

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Burkina Faso reports another failed coup attempt




Burkina Faso’s military junta announced on Wednesday that a coup attempt had been thwarted the previous day by security and intelligence services, without providing specifics on what had happened according to multiple reports

In a statement, it declared that officers and others had conspired to destabilize the country with “the dark intention of attacking the institutions of the Republic and plunging our country into chaos.” 

The junta did not identify anyone but mentioned that some arrests had been made, and searches were ongoing for others. It emphasized, “Investigations will help unmask the instigators of this plot.” 

The military prosecutor later revealed that four individuals had been detained, and two were currently evading capture. In a statement, it announced that an investigation had been initiated on Wednesday based on “credible allegations about a plot against state security implicating officers.” 

Additionally, the junta took action on Monday by suspending the French news magazine Jeune Afrique for publishing “untruthful” articles that reported tension and discontent within Burkina Faso’s armed forces. 

Junta leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré seized power on September 30, 2022, marking the landlocked country’s second coup in eight months. Both takeovers were partly driven by discontent over failures to contain a rampant jihadist insurgency that had infiltrated from neighbouring Mali in 2015.

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