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7 interesting things that happen during traditional marriages in Nigeria



Different kinds of events make up traditional marriages in Nigeria, some totally hilarious and others interesting. Yemi Alade revealed one of her interesting encounters with a member of the Maasai ethnic group of Kenya.

According to her, the man offered her 20 cows for her hand in marriage, but his friend said she was fat and couldn’t build houses.

Seven interesting activities in Nigerian traditional marriages

Across Nigeria, you’ll find many marriage rites that are similar to Yemi Alade’s encounter with the Maasai man. Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and other Nigerian ethnic groups have one or two interesting things about their marriage rites.

The lift test

One of the interesting things during the Yoruba traditional marriage is the carrying of the bride by the groom. It doesn’t matter how slim the groom looks or how weighty the bride is. This sight is always hilarious, especially when the woman ends up proving too much for the man to carry. The lift test is a way for the groom to show that he has the strength to carry the bride.

Wine Carrying

Wine carrying is a rite during an Igbo traditional marriage where the bride carries freshly tapped palm wine in a cup and looks for her husband in the crowd. When she finds him, she goes on her knees and presents the wine to him. On his part, he has to accept the drink because to reject it would be to reject his wife-to-be. After emptying the content of the cup, he puts some money in it.

Catching of the bride

Catching the bride is an interesting rite that takes place during a Hausa traditional wedding. It is organized so that the groom’s family can come and “catch” their beautiful bride. The man and his family are not allowed to see the bride until they have paid the required token. This is the final moment between the bride and her friends, which can be heartbreaking and that is why they ensure that the bride doesn’t go away too easily. During this time, the bride’s face is mostly veiled while her friends haggle with the groom and his family for a price to see the bride’s face.

Hilarious Prayers

The Alaga Iduro is a woman who is the master of ceremonies at Yoruba traditional weddings. Usually, friends and family shower the couple with prayers of prosperity, fertility, and good health. But with the Alaga Iduro, things take a funny twist. The Yoruba people believe that a woman’s buttocks sitting in her husband’s house for long is a blessing. It isn’t uncommon for you to find the Alaga Iduro telling the bride to hold her buttocks for this prayer.

Raining money

This is a longstanding tradition in the Nigerian traditional marriage scene. The bride and groom dance on stage while family and friends spray money on them. The interesting thing here is that the couple have foot soldiers whose job is to collect every last penny in bags or baskets while pretending to dance.


During the Yoruba traditional marriage, the groom and all his friends will come before the bride’s family and prostrate in the dust. It doesn’t matter the colour of the agbada they’re wearing or how dirty the floor is, (though in most cases, mats are laid on the floor). When it comes to respect, no ethnic group in Nigeria comes close to the Yoruba people.

Exchange of vows
In the Hausa culture, it is the representatives from the groom and bride’s family who exchange vows and not the bride and groom. They do this in the presence of an Imam and some wedding guests. They then go on to make prayers for the newly wedded couple and the celebration continues.

Traditional marriages across Nigeria are quite interesting for many reasons. The food, the music, the outfits, and the rites all combine to make the day memorable.


ONDEA Unveiled as Headline Sponsor For 2023 Lead Awards




Project Lead Africa is thrilled to announce Ondo State Entrepreneurship Agency (ONDEA) as the official sponsor for the 2023 Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards. According to the organizers, the 2023 Lead Awards ceremony promises to be bigger and better, with the support of leading organizations driving innovation and growth within and outside Ondo State.

In a press statement made available to journalists in Lagos, the Principal Consultant and Executive Director, Project Lead Africa, Mr. Abiola Alaba Peters said “We are glad of this collaboration, having Ondo State Entrepreneurship Agency (ONDEA) as our headline sponsor for this year, is such a honor, the aim is to inspire more these generations to keep doing more for our dear Sunshine state”.

Also referred to as “Ondo State Most Prestigious” Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards is an annual award ceremony that celebrates individuals and organizations that are proudly Ondo State indigenes.

Themed, ‘Celebrating High Achievers”, “the 2023 Lead Awards aims to unearth the giants of the Sunshine state that are yet to be celebrated” says the Project Director, Adebukola Oba, who also confirmed that the event will showcase a new wave of super creative and talented individuals, including organizations that are eager to take Ondo State to the next level.

On his part, the Special Adviser to the Ondo State Governor on Entrepreneurship Development, Dr. Summy Smart Francis (hc) stated that the ONDEA’s decision to sponsor the 2023 Lead Awards was borne out of the desire to inform, educate and encourage creative’s and other professionals, particularly young people in Ondo State.

Dr. Smart who is also the founder and President Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) while thanking His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Ondo State, for providing the platform for young people to thrive in the state, express his enthusiasm to speak and interact with fellow compatriots at this year Lead Awards.

While Lead Awards aim to drive collaboration, foster partnerships, and provide a platform for quality leaders to share insights that can shape future generations, Ondo State Entrepreneurship Agency (ONDEA) which is an initiative of Akeredolu led administration, aimed at providing professional guidance to local entrepreneurs, empowers SMEs and MSMEs in Ondo State.

Associate sponsors for the 2023 Lead Awards include Dejavu Hotels, AutoProbe, Shaunze Royal and Aristo Games & Bristrol among others.

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5 common mistakes Lagosians make during Detty December




Another Detty December is upon us, and it is in everyone’s best interest to prepare well for it.

Even though we have written about what to expect, some people are foolhardy – that’s why we are warning you of the pitfalls.

If you have an event by 6 pm, leave your house by 4 pm because you are going to be caught in the throes of traffic. You can stay in a traffic jam for 30 minutes, meanwhile where you want to go is just five minutes away.

In December, everything is expensive, even transportation. It’s better to sit down in your house and manage your money than go out and disgrace yourself.

Unless it’s for Johnny Drille, or Pulse Fiesta, never go early to any Nigerian concert, they will most likely start at least four hours late.

If you go to any concert, do not complain, because you will have complaints.

If you don’t have a car, don’t have too much fun and forget you have a home to get back to. Before they close all your estate gates, and you are left out in the cold.

We get it, the year has been tough and long but don’t drink yourself to a stupor and embarrass yourself and the members of your family, especially at your office parties. If you pass out and someone steals your belongings, you won’t be too happy now, would you?

With these few points of ours, we hope you have resolved to have fun but within reasonable limits.

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Winners Emerge In ArtsForChange Talent Competition




Two artists, Miracle Takumo and Sime Patrick, have emerged joint winners in the second edition of the Arts for Change competition tagged ‘ Nigeria of my dreams’.

Announcing the winners in Lagos on Wednesday at the grand finale of the competition, former commissioner for Arts and Tourism, Steve Ayorinde said the panel of judges ensured that the artists actually produced the works they presented for the competition, otherwise they would have been disqualified.

Also, Imole Oyebamidele and Ibitoye Emmanuel emerged the first and second runners up, respectively.

Abolore Shobayo, a member of the panel of judges, explained that all the artworks were good,adding that three criteria were used in arriving at the winner.

He listed the criteria as a good interpretation of the concept, creativity, and quality of artistic expression.

The facilitator of Arts for Change competition, Loye Amzat, said the competition is getting better from the maiden edition, which was held at Freedom Park last year with a price tag of 500,000.

He, however, thanked Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS), First Bank, GoBet247 and other sponsors who partnered with the project to identify and reward creativity among the youths.

He said; ” Arts for Change competition was conceived to identify and reward talents among our youths. Last year, the theme was Nigeria, Stronger Together. Over 300 artists competed last year during the maiden edition. This year is more robust with the theme: “Nigeria of my dreams.”

Duke Asidionye, an art promoter, spoke on the need for the youths to look beyond the politicians by ensuring that they fix the country through innovations.

He said the youths should focus more on their creative abilities to birth a new nation.

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