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Father and son shot dead in US during argument with neighbour for making noise



A father and son have been shot dead by their downstairs neighbour in Brooklyn, United States during an argument over noise.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) identified the deceased father as Bladimy Mathurin, 47, a school bus driver, and Chinwai Mode, his 27-year-old stepson.

In videos shared on social media, an African American man dressed in all black is seen pacing angrily outside his neighbour’s apartment waiting for Mathurin who comes out briefly before going back in to put on a shirt.

A woman who appears to be Mathurin’s wife emerges from the apartment and exchanges words with the neighbour, who NYPD identified on Tuesday as Jason Pass, 47.

Almost immediately, the woman is joined by Mode. The video has no audio, so it is unknown what was said during the exchange.

Moments later, Mathurin marches out of the apartment brandishing a pair of scissors and charges towards Pass.

The school bus driver’s wife tries to drag him away with little success, almost at the same time Pass pulls out a handgun and aims it at Mathurin.

Mathurin spots the gun, waves it off, and turns around to begin walking toward his apartment but the neighbour shoots at him.

Mode, who was also in the hallway, tries to get away from the gunman, but the neighbour fires multiple shots at him, leaving him to die in a pool of his own blood next to a staircase.

The suspect then returns to Mathurin, who is still alive and struggling to get up, and shoots him in the head.

After killing both father and sun, Pass calmly leaves the scene. The murders happened on Sunday night.

The victim’s family called the suspect psychotic, saying he would constantly complain about noise when they weren’t making any.

The NYPD said Pass had called six times since March 2022 over noise complaints which was “basically people walking”.

“Apartment upstairs did not have carpeting, so people walking back and forth generated these calls,” Joseph Kenny, chief of detectives, added.

The search is still on for the shooter.


Sierra Leone government arrests gunmen who attacked barracks, says calm has been restored




Sierra Leone says its security forces have restored calm to the country after armed men attacked the military barracks on Sunday.

Chernor Bah, the country’s minister of information and civic education, had said “unidentified individuals” attacked the barracks which houses several foreign embassies, including those of China, Germany, Austria, Gambia, Lebanon and Syria.

Following Bah’s announcement, the government declared a nationwide curfew.

Prisoners also escaped from a detention facility after a coordinated jail break orchestrated by gunmen.

In an address on Sunday night, Julius Bio, president of Sierra Leone, said most of the leaders of the attack have been arrested.

Although Bio refrained from describing the chain of events as a coup, he labelled them an attempt to undermine the stability the country has worked hard to achieve.

“The attackers have been repelled by a combined team of gallant security forces and calm has been restored,” the president said.

“Most of the leaders have been arrested, security operations and investigations are ongoing. We will ensure that those responsible are held accountable through due process.

“I acknowledge the bravery and dedication of our armed forces, police, and all those who played a role to defeat this attempt to undermine the peace and stability we’ve worked so hard to achieve.”

Bio asked citizens to be reminded of national unity and advised that “everyone remain vigilant and cooperate with the security forces”.

In another statement, the minister of information and civic education said a new curfew would be imposed from 9 pm to 6 am local time till further notice.

Bah also asked citizens to report suspicious activities to security agencies.

Sierra Leone has been engulfed by a tense political climate since Bio was re-elected in June.

The result of the election was rejected by the opposition candidate and questioned by international partners, including the US and European Union, who said the polls lacked transparency.

The unrest in Sierra Leone comes in the wake of a slew of military coups in West and Central Africa.

In his address to the nation following the attack on the barracks, Bio called on the West African nation’s political and traditional leaders to work to preserve peace.

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SpaceX launches mega Starship rocket on second test flight




SpaceX today carried out the second test launch of Starship, the largest rocket ever built that Elon Musk hopes will one day colonise Mars, while NASA awaits a modified version to land humans on the Moon.

It comes after a first attempt to fly the spaceship in its fully-stacked configuration back in April ended in a spectacular explosion over the Gulf of Mexico.

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UK PM appoints James Cleverly as new interior minister




British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday appointed James Cleverly as interior minister, switching the 54-year-old from the role of foreign secretary which he had held for a year.

The move, part of Sunak’s first major reshuffle after nearly 13 months in power, follows the UK leader sacking Suella Braverman as interior minister earlier Monday.

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