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5 health benefits of eating hot foods



Eating hot foods can be found difficult for most people especially in a warm climate such as ours.

However, food temperatures have little or nothing to do with the weather conditions but more to do with the body and its contributions alongside food nutrients.

One important factor that helps regulate food intake is the extra heat released into the body when it is assimilated.

BODEX BLOG outlines other beneficial ways hot meals are to the health.

Mode of digestion

Hot meals aid proper digestion because of the time it takes to consume it. This enables the consumer to eat in adequate proportions which in turn gives less work to the organ that breaks down food.

Also, during the preparation of the meal, the chemicals in the food would have been broken down before it is served and consumed; the body easily absorbs the nutrients as they diffuse into the system, increasing the nutritional value.

Low risk of bacterial contamination

It is difficult for micro-organisms to survive in hot foods. Micro-organisms die while cooking but allowing the food get cold will reintroduce the bacteria, if not careful; which makes eating the meal in a hot state healthier.

Generates energy for consumption

Warm food restores the energy cold food saps from the body and equally stores up more energy for future use.

Regulates body temperature and weight

One key thing about ingesting hot food is that it regulates the body temperature in response to a cold climate, as it provides warmth from the hot food ingested.

Hot meals also help with body weight and fat; the suppression of appetite observed during the body’s exposure to heat causes the body weight level to drop below set-point which aids greater metabolic efficiency.

Once the body is able to rid unwanted products, the weight would be regulated.

The after-feeling

The feeling you get after taking a hot meal is an amazing one, compared to a cold meal.


5 foods that can sustain Nigerians amid hardship




With the cost of commodities, including foods, gradually getting above the means of the common man, Nigerians have continued to lament how difficult it is to survive amid the hardship occasioned by the economy.

Here are, however, five affordable foods that can help Nigerians sustain themselves during the hardship:


A common food that can be included into various culinary meals, served with soups, or simply consumed as is. It is currently one of the most economical meal items to help you get through the hardship.


With just N400, you can purchase two noodles and have them quickly cooked to get through some hours in the day, and stave off hunger.


For as little as N500, you can buy a loaf of bread and pair it with butter or stew.


For N1,000 – 1200, you can buy a tuber of yam and eat it twice or three times, depending on how much food you consume.


Amid the hardship, this appears to be a very affordable food option for those who want to cook soup and serve it alongside other solid foods or rice.

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Domino’s Pizza apologises after employee nose-picking video goes viral




Domino’s Pizza in Japan has apologised after a video of an employee appearing to pick his nose and wipe his hand on dough surfaced on social media.

In the now-viral video, the employee of Domino’s Pizza at the Amagasaki store in Hyogo Prefecture, a mainland in Japan, was seen having a conversation with a colleague when he picked his nose and rubbed it on the pizza dough.

The video attracted a wave of backlash targeted towards the pizza delivery giants.

But reacting in a statement, Domino’s apologised over the worker’s “inappropriate behaviour” and vowed to ensure that “something like this never happens again”.

The company revealed that the statement was released “not long after the incident”, adding that no pizza dough had been used and all remaining dough had been disposed of.

It said the store in question had suspended operations and that the employees involved in the video would be punished in accordance with employment regulations.

“Apology and notice regarding inappropriate behavior by our employees. We would like to report on the progress of our internal investigation and response to the inappropriate behaviour by our employees that is currently being spread on social media,” the statement reads in part.

“It has been determined that this photo was taken by a part-time employee of the Amagasaki store in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, at around 2 a.m. on February 12, after business hours had closed.

“The dough used in the video is at a stage before fermentation is complete, and we have confirmed that it has not been used yet, as there is a 24-hour fermentation process. The fabric was disposed of before being used.

“Additionally, all fabrics in the store are being disposed of. Additionally, the store ceased operations as of February 12th.

“The employees involved in this incident will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the company’s work regulations. We would also like to inform you that we are considering strict legal measures.

“We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers. From now on, the entire company will make every effort to prevent recurrence and restore trust.”

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Ghanaian chef, Faila cooks for 227 hours to complete world record attempt




Faila began her incredible attempt on New Year’s Day at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale.

On Wednesday, the Ghanaian cook ended the attempt at the 227th hour in front of her teeming supporters and fellow Ghanaians.

In a social media post, Faila appreciated everyone “who has been by my side on this journey”.

She also said her victory is “dedicated to God and Ghana”.

“Now, it’s time for us to rejoice and jubilate. This victory is dedicated to God and Ghana!🇬🇭 Thank you all, m’pagya!” she wrote on X.

“Allow me to borrow a part of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s words: “At long last, the battle has ended.” I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with excitement and joy. You’ve been by my side on this journey from the very first minute to 227 hours.”

The organisers of the Guinness World Records have yet to make an official statement regarding Faila’s attempt.

During the attempt, Faila attracted support from various Ghanaian celebrities including Asamoah Gyan and Stephen Appiah, the former Black Star footballers.

Mahamudu Bawumia, the country’s vice president, posted about the attempt on Facebook and also donated 30,000 Ghanaian cedis (£1,981) to the chef.

Faila is attempting to break the world record set by Alan Fisher, the Irish chef, who cooked for 119 hours and 57 minutes.

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