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Mavin records signee Bayanni speaks on how he survived a near-death experience



Mavin Records signee Bayanni has detailed an experience from childhood in which he unknowingly ingested kerosene, which left him with coloured teeth.

Speaking on the recent episode of the Menisms Podcast, the singer recalled the incident from years before.

“I gave my parents a lot of trouble when I was growing up. When I was really small, when I couldn’t walk, my mum left me in the kitchen. She was about to put the lantern on, so she poured the kerosene inside a small cup and then she put it beside the lantern and left to do something. She came back and found out that the kerosene she had poured in the cup was empty because I drank everything to the last drop. She didn’t even know because I was still sitting there, keeping my cool. She didn’t even know because I was still sitting there, keeping my cool,” he said.

He said that his mother was unaware of the situation at hand until she noticed that he had began to have hiccups.

“It was when she smelt my mouth that she realised, and my dad wasn’t around that time so there was nobody to calm her down so she drove to the hospital like a mad person,” he revealed.

The singer revealed that the first hospital they went to refused to treat him because he was “too small” and urged his mother to “let it go because there was nothing they could do.”

Concluding his story, he said, “Then she took me to another hospital and the doctor was a pastor who assured her that they’d revive me and they did. But I had other issues like my teeth colouration and I’ve had this teeth colouration since then.”


Mr Ibu’s family announces burial date




The family of John ‘Mr Ibu‘ Okafor has announced the date for the burial ceremony of the late Nollywood actor.

Mr Ibu died from a cardiac arrest on March 2 at Evercare Hospital in Lagos.

The 62-year-old actor had battled with a life-threatening illness for months before he passed on.

According to a statement by his family, Mr Ibu will be buried on June 28 at his hometown in Eziokwe Amuri, Nkanu West LGA, Enugu state.

The family also requested that the public join them to “share the last moments with our icon”.

“The Okafor family in Eziokwe Amuri, Nkanu West LGA in Enugu State wishes to honour the loving memory of our hero and a legend John Ikechukwu Okafor who even in death has left a legacy of love, laughter, and liveliness,” the statement reads.

“We would appreciate your esteemed presence as we lay to rest our son, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and in-law on the 28th of June 2024.

“Kindly join us as we share the best and last moments with our icon.”

The family said the ceremony will open with a novelty match on June 25, followed by a candlelight procession on June 26.

The next day, there will be a wake-keep ceremony at the actor’s compound while a thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday, June 30.

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Junior Pope: Producer of ill-fated movie, Adanma Luke speaks on boat mishap




Adanma Luke, the producer of the upcoming movie in which the late actor Junior Pope was supposed to be featured, has broken her silence on the recent boat mishap.

Pope, the actor, died on Wednesday after he fell into the River Niger in Asaba, Delta state on his way to a movie location.

The film star was in the company of some other actors and crew members when the incident occurred.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) earlier suspended all movies involving riverine locations.

Emeka Rollas, the president of the AGN, also warned filmmakers not to work with Luke “until further notice”.

On Friday, Adanma surrendered herself to the police for questioning over the circumstances that led to Pope’s death.

In a series of videos via Instagram on Saturday, Luke broke down in tears as she explained her side of the story.

She described the incidents of the past few days “as a dream” she wished she could wake up from.

“On April 10, we lost five actors who were on their way to a location. Through the means of boat transportation, they had an accident. I have been so traumatised, I have been so cold. This whole thing still feels like a dream to me, I wish I could still wake up from this dream,” she said.

“I have not been able to make any statement since because we have been trying to recover the bodies. I have been providing money to those looking for bodies, providing caskets to enable the bodies are transported to their villages; and to the families that wanted it to be done. I have not been quiet, I have been doing things just so these people can rest. It is so sad that this had to happen on my set.

“I blame myself that I would have been in Lagos, doing my thing in Lagos. I blame myself for coming down to Asaba. I was supposed to be on that boat. My production manager was calling me to bring the memory card so they could start filming and I told him to come and collect it and he was like you know this place is far, please bring it for us. I said okay why have you people not crossed? Why have you not gone to work?

“He said they were waiting for Junior Pope to arrive. Before now on the 9th, they went there on their own and when Junior Pope came, he came on his own, he came alone. So on 10th, when I was preparing to go and drop the card, I was accompanied by my brother’s children. Two kids that were supposed to go with me, were supposed to be on that boat together. Getting there, I saw Emeka. Emeka was my DOP, he was just sitting and I did not see the others.

“I asked Emeka what is it and people surrounded him. Emeka was quiet and I was like, Emeka talk to me, what is it? What is the problem? Why have you not crossed? Where is Ogolo? Where is everybody? Has JP come? He was still quiet. I started shouting what was happening, can somebody please talk to me? Emeka now said JP is dead, Abigail is dead, Friday is dead, Precious is dead.

“He said ‘dem dey inside water’. I said let me go inside, let me be sure that the divers are looking for them. He said ‘there are over 15 divers looking for them inside the water’. I still cannot believe this because these crew members were my family. They have been working with me, if I was shooting in Lagos, they would transport from Asaba to Lagos to come and work with me. All through last year, we stayed together in Lagos, we filmed, worked together.

“… on that said day, I saw my director and Emeka outside. My director told me he did not know what happened. He was in a life jacket, and Emeka too was in a life jacket. There was still one life jacket available, I do not know who took it. My PM told me that they saw live jackets hanging when they got there and he asked the late Friday to even send one to Junior Pope but Junior Pope said it was dirty or so, so he did not take it. Those with life jackets survived. They even told me that when they were in the water, Junior Pope was also there asking if everybody was okay. How everybody is fine?

“That they even threw a gallon to him to use and hold himself, which he was holding that all of a sudden, they did not see him again. It was when they came out that they noticed that he was no longer there because they said divers had come and rescued some of them while other divers were still there trying to rescue others. I asked what could have caused this? He said he did not know but that TC was standing on the speedboat and ringing a bell.”

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Naira could trade below N1,000/$, says Goldman Sachs




Goldman Sachs Group Inc. says the naira, Nigeria’s currency, could extend gains to trade below N1,000 to the dollar.

On March 10, the financial institution had said the local currency would appreciate to N1,200 per dollar within the next twelve months.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Friday, Andrew Matheny, an economist at Goldman Sachs, said the greenback could further trade below the projected N1,200.

“This probably can run further; we would see an extension of the move to 1,000 and maybe even sub-1,000,” he said.

Matheny said since Goldman’s February forecast, “six weeks have gone by and they’re continuing to hold the line, so that’s encouraging”.

The firm’s forecast comes amid a sustained rally of the naira at both parallel and official sections of the foreign exchange market.

On April 8, the local currency strengthened to N1,120 per dollar at the black market and N1,230 at the official window.

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