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My life is under threat, Mohbad’s widow cries out



Omowunmi, widow of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad, has cried out over what she described as constant threats to her and Liam, the baby she had with the late singer.

This was as she urged the musician’s father, Joseph Aloba, to get a court order for the Deoxyribonucleic Acid Identification (DNA) test of her son Liam.

BODEX BLOG reports that Aloba had called on the Nigeria Police to summon Omomunmi to provide insights into the death of his son and also demanded a test to ascertain the paternity of his grandson.

However, in a series of Instagram posts, Mohbad’s widow said she had been facing what Mohbad faced before his death.

“Nigerians, I and Liam are at your mercy! Are you going to allow what happened to Ilerioluwa to happen to us? They are threatening us daily. They have taken our freedom from us! Nigerians help us,” she wrote.

She said it was unthinkable that Liam’s grandfather, who pressured them into having a child, is also the same person demanding a DNA test.

“I never wanted to have a baby at that time, but Baba told Mohbad and me the Holy Spirit told him I should get him a grandson who would buy the coffin that would bury him.

“I got to know I was pregnant on August 5, same year, my father-in-law was so ecstatic over the news of my pregnancy. Why is he trying to defame the treasure his son left behind?” she queried.

She, however, disclosed that she was ready for the DNA test when her father-in-law produces a court order to the effect.

“Go and get court order cos it’s time I put my enemies to shame,” Omowunmi wrote.

Meanwhile, earlier in an Instagram Live, Omowunmi alleged that her son was not enjoying the needed freedom like other kids, saying some people were threatening to gun her down.

She said: “As you all know, I have never done this, and this is because my husband, Ilerioluwa, never wanted this. I am not scared to die! Enough is enough! Nigerians, please come to my aid! They have cursed my son several times, and today, they have started. They have said my son will not reach the age of one, the same thing done to Mohbad that his father could not come out on social media to ask the public to help.

“Nigerians, please help me! I’m doing this now because Ilerioluwa will never forgive me if I don’t fight for Liam. He thought keeping quiet was the answer until he died. He had no chance to fight, but I, Wunmi, will fight with my last blood if anyone comes for my son.

“You guys are threatening to gun me down at the inquest, threatening to kidnap me and my son, yet I have kept quiet. I can’t even go out in public for fear of my life. My son can’t enjoy the things other kids are enjoying because of you guys! Why? You’re taking my son’s right of freedom from him, but today I’m calling Nigerians to please come to my aid. Even if they eventually kill me, please let Liam live, I beg you! You’re taking my son’s right away from him! I am calling Nigerians to please come to my aid, I am too young for these things they’re putting me through, Nigerians, is it until I die?

“This is the same thing Mohbad went through, but nobody helped. Please, Nigerians , help me. When my husband came out, he was never a substance dealer. Now, they are using DNA to keep me shut. Mohbad was never a substance dealer or a user, and that pulled down his self-esteem and made him afraid to show his vulnerability, I would not be ashamed. Abuse me all you want just like you abused Mohbad but I’m never going to keep shut for Liam, don’t come for Liam because I will fight for him with all my life, I will protect him because he’s all I have and I’m the only parent he has, Mohbad is not here to fight for him anymore.”

She added, “Please tell baba to bring court order for a DNA to be done. He is not getting the court order because he’s happy that my son is getting bashed daily. This is my son that I carried for 10 months, all mothers please come to my aid, everybody is telling me to keep shut but I can’t do that anymore, even if they will kill me let Liam live please, that is the only person Ilerioluwa left please! Baba is not getting the court order because he’s happy Liam is being bashed, Liam is like a competitor, and he sees him as a threat. He’s happy that he’s using his son’s death to make money online.”


We arrested DJ Commissioner Wysei, not DJ Switch, says Lagos police




The Lagos State Police Command has tendered a public apology for a mix-up following the alleged arrest of a popular Nigerian disc jockey, Obianuju Catherine Udeh, aka DJ Switch.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, made the apology via his X handle Thursday, stating that the arrested DJ was “DJ Commissioner Wysei, not DJ Switch.”

Hundeyin wrote, “There is a mixup from our end. The arrested person is DJ Commissioner Wysei, not DJ Switch.

“Apologies for all the inconvenience to a few media outfits like Linda Ikeji, BBC and TVC that I gave confirmation this morning.

“Apologies to DJ Switch too.”

It was gathered that some media outlets had published the news of DJ Switch’s arrest on Thursday by operatives of the Nigeria Police.

One of the published news on the arrest reported that the female disc jockey was arrested for “obstructing police while on duty, resisting arrest, and assaulting officers.”

The report read that DJ Switch “was at the police station in Elemoro, Ajah on Monday, April 15 to complain about a man who allegedly defrauded her.

“According to the police, the man was arrested on the same day and has been in police custody.

“It was alleged that while the officers were about to drive the accused to court, DJ Switch blocked the station’s entrance and assaulted the female officer assigned to the case.”

DJ Switch garnered more prominence in 2020 when she took to her Instagram page to do a live coverage that showed protesters being shot at by personnel of the Nigerian Army at the Lekki Toll Gate during the #EndSARS protest that rocked the nation.

However, reacting to the news via her X handle Thursday morning, the disc jockey denied reports of her arrest.

She noted that while she is “not a fan of many of our policemen and women,” she doesn’t support “violence against the police.”

The DJ wrote, “Good morning all. I was woken up by a barrage of calls and texts this morning. I wondered why because I know today is not my birthday. Only to find that I have been arrested.

“One of the links that was sent to me alleged that I had assaulted the police. Now, while I am not a fan of many of our policemen and women, I do not condone nor support violence against the police.

“Our blogs have such an unhealthy appetite for traffic that they can’t even spend the transport fare it would cost them to go investigate and make certain of the news they share with the public. This false reporting is dangerous and negatively shapes narratives.”

She accused the media outlets that made the report of defamation of character, adding that they “have till the end of the day to take down this false news and kindly replace with a post correcting their mistake.”

Her tweets read, “Many people want so badly to believe I am just like those I’ve fought against or believe that I have sacrificed all I have ever worked for just to bring down Nigeria. This is false.

“That being said, my lawyers have screenshotted every blog they can find this false news and this is defamation of my character. These blogs have till the end of the day to take down this false news and kindly replace it with a post correcting their mistake.

“I am not looking for cheap publicity, I hate clout chasing and I actually am not an ass because I was advised to sue immediately which would cost them all a lot. So please do the needful and let us learn. Thank you!”

However, DJ Switch later acknowledged the State PPRO’s apology, saying, “Thank you! Apologies accepted.”

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‘Lagos is rooting for you’ — Sanwo-Olu backs chess master Onakoya to break world record




Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos state, has offered moral support to Tunde Onakoya, the founder of Chess in Slums Africa, who is attempting to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest chess marathon.

Onakoya commenced the exercise on Wednesday at Times Square, New York City, US.

The chess expert aims to play different games for 58 hours without losing a single game. He is only allowed five-minute breaks every hour during the course of the attempt.

In a statement via X, Sanwo-Olu commended Onakoya for “taking a bold move to redefine possibilities” as he targets the GWR record.

The governor also described Onakoya’s ‘Chess in Slum Africa’ initiative as evidence that “greatness can emerge from anywhere”.

“Every grand victory starts with a single, bold move akin to a daring gambit—a bold move to redefine possibilities,” he wrote.

“@Tunde_OD; Lagos is rooting for you as you attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest chess marathon at Times Square in the heart of New York.

“Taking the story of the phenomenal work you started in Lagos with young children to a global stage is a powerful testament to how greatness can emerge from anywhere.”

On his part, Yemi Osinbajo, the former vice-president, in an Instagram post, urged Onakoya to “show the world the strength and determination you’re made of”.

Similarly, Atiku Abubakar, another former vice-president, wrote: “Dear @Tunde_OD, I join millions of Nigerians at home and abroad in wishing you the best in your quest to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Chess Marathon. Your can-do spirit thus far has been truly inspirational. I am rooting for you to break new ground. -AA”.

The longest chess marathon stands at 56 hr 09 min 37 seconds.

Hallvard Haug Flatebø and Sjur Ferkingstad, two Norwegians, set the record on November 11, 2018.

Announcing the attempt, Onakoya said he hopes to empower illiterate children across Africa through the feat.

“Doing this for the dreams of millions of children across Africa without access to education. You guys have been rock solid for me through the years,” he said.

“So I need all of us to come together now more than ever to show the world that the Nigerian spirit is unwavering and we can do great things from a small place against all odds.”

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DJ Switch arrested for assaulting police officers, arraigned in court




Nigerian Disc jockey, Obianuju Catherine Udeh popularly known as DJ Switch has been arrested by the police in Lagos.

According to blogger, Linda Ikeji, the famous DJ is currently being taken to the Magistrate Court in Eti-Osa. A police source who spoke to LIB said DJ Switch visited the police in Elemoro, Ajah on Monday, April 15th to complain about a man who allegedly defrauded her. The police stated that the man was arrested the same day, she made the complaint and has been in police custody.

The police further told LIB that Switch was invited on Wednesday, April 27th to inquire from her what exactly she wanted, whether for the accused to be charged to court or for him to be released on hail as it is against the law to detain an accused for more than 48 hours. The source alleged that DJ Switch insisted that the wanted the accused to make an apology which she would record and then post online which the accused bluntly refused.

The police made the decision to take the matter to the court for settlement since both parties were unable to resolve their differences amicably and settle.

Things took a swift turn when the officers were about to drive out with the accused to court and DJ Switch allegedly used her vehicle to block the entrance of the station and allegedly assaulted the female officers attached to the case. Her behavior cost her an arrest for obstructing police while on duty, resisting arrest as well as assaulting police officers. The accused was taken to the court and was remanded in prison custody.

DJ Switch, on her party is currently on her way to the Magistrate Court in Eti-Osa where she will be arraigned for obstructing police officers while on duty and assaulting officers.

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