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Blog Readers Mail; 13 Signs You’re Just His Side Chick



Hahahahahahahahahahaha….This is sooo not cool but someone just sent me this and I am loving it…

These are Omolara’s 13 Signs to know You’re Just His Side Chick

Could you be the other woman?

No one ever wants to be an opening act when they could be a main event – but how do you know?
These signs are surefire signals you’re not his or her main squeeze.

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1. He doesn’t make plans in advance. Next Tuesday? Let’s confirm on… Monday night. If you feel like ditching your planner because your plans are always on the fly, it might be time to reevaluate your situation.

2. He calls you nicknames like ‘boo’ and ‘mi amor’. Girl, he just doesn’t want to mess up your name or have others catch on. Next.

3. Your calls go straight to voicemail. Calls not being picked up, especially in the evening hours? He’s at home with his girl.

4. There’s a ‘read’ receipt… but no reply. Yeah, he’s not thinking of replying to that text until he’s alone – or it’s 2 a.m.

5. He never spends the night. He’s got a bed to get to, and it ain’t yours boo boo.

6. He doesn’t post any pics of you on social media. He has no problem posting pictures of his family, friends and even dogs – but when it comes to you, it’s like you don’t exist. And we’re not talking just profile pic absentee, we’re talking any and all pictures. None.

7. If he even allows you to follow him (he’s private!?). He doesn’t accept your friend or follow request? Red flag.

8. You’ve never been to his place. Is his place Narnia?! Do you need a wardrobe to get there? Run away.

9. You never spend holidays together. He’s always with “his family.” But that could mean his wife and kids, not mami and papi.

10. You break up before important events. Speaking of holidays, does it seem like you always break-up before major ones before getting back together right after? Or that the same thing happens right before a birthday? Yeah, he’s avoiding gifts and quality time. But don’t worry girl, he’s got arbor day and groundhog day all for you.

11. Familia and amigos… are they invisible? You’ve heard about them, but you’ve never once met them. Not a good sign.

12. Booty calls… are there any other types of calls? The times you speak always seem to be a little “off.” Like 2 a.m., “I’ll-be-over-soon” off.

13. You don’t know anything about him. You know he exists, but beyond that? If you don’t know his workplace, his family members’ names or his favorite hangout spot – delete his number and move on


Naira Marley signs Vusic to Marlian Records




Naira Marley, the singer, has signed a new artiste named Vusic to Marlian Records, his music label.

Naira Marley took to his social media pages to unveil his new signee on Monday evening.

The singer shared a video of himself and Vusic vibing together to a perceived new song.

The singer also went down memory lane as he recalled his struggles in the music industry many years ago.

“Remember way back then dem dey laugh my history, now I don clear browser and if I wanna know how I came this far, you go need browse am,” the singer wrote.

“Please guys help me welcome @Vusic to Marlian music. No long talk let’s get to work bro.”

Vusic also took to social media to appreciate Naira Marley for the “great opportunity” to join Marlian Records.

“Thanks to @Nairamarley for this great opportunity. Steady bangers coming up,” he wrote.

“I’m happy to be part of the Marlian family.”

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“You bought car, yet your family is suffering” Portable throws shade at Spyro (Video)




Nigerian singer, Portable has thrown a subtle shade at upcoming singer, Spyro.

The two had fallen out after Spyro in an interview stated that he doesn’t desire to work with the controversial singer.

Offended by his remarks, Portable via his Instagram page threw shade at him questioning if he takes care of his family.

Portable noted how Spyro bought a car, yet allows his family to suffer. He also claimed that the singer is living a life of Foreign in local.

“You buy car, you dey oppress, have you taken care of your family. You get a car, family dey suffer. You are living the life of Foreign in local. Have you taken care of your family”.

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Yvonne Jegede addresses rumour of secret marriage to Ned Nwoko




Yvonne Jegede, the actress, has addressed rumours of a secret marriage to Ned Nwoko, the husband of Regina Daniels.

A blogger had claimed that Jegede recently got married to Nwoko and subsequently deleted all her Instagram photos.

Reacting to the post, the actress expressed frustration at the way false information goes viral on the internet.

Jegede described the post as “evil and false,” adding that she won’t waste her energy fighting the blogger.

“When many people tell you they know ‘something’ is happening or believe something has happened, you asked them how they got to know, they tell you they read or heard it from the internet,” she wrote.

“Oftentimes, they heard it from idiots. How could you be this bold about falsehood? How can you lie so confidently?

“How can you intentionally tarnish people’s image and damage relationships all because you want to attract people to your blogs?

“This funny post is evil and false in every intent. I won’t dissipate energy fighting you. Karma is already dealing with your destiny.”

Jegede also questioned how deleting her Instagram photos indicates that she had a secret wedding,

“How does deleting my photos on my page give off anything???” Jegede wrote.

“The effrontery to mention my son sef, I suppose give you one dirty slap.”

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