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Blog Readers Mail; 13 Signs You’re Just His Side Chick



Hahahahahahahahahahaha….This is sooo not cool but someone just sent me this and I am loving it…

These are Omolara’s 13 Signs to know You’re Just His Side Chick

Could you be the other woman?

No one ever wants to be an opening act when they could be a main event – but how do you know?
These signs are surefire signals you’re not his or her main squeeze.

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1. He doesn’t make plans in advance. Next Tuesday? Let’s confirm on… Monday night. If you feel like ditching your planner because your plans are always on the fly, it might be time to reevaluate your situation.

2. He calls you nicknames like ‘boo’ and ‘mi amor’. Girl, he just doesn’t want to mess up your name or have others catch on. Next.

3. Your calls go straight to voicemail. Calls not being picked up, especially in the evening hours? He’s at home with his girl.

4. There’s a ‘read’ receipt… but no reply. Yeah, he’s not thinking of replying to that text until he’s alone – or it’s 2 a.m.

5. He never spends the night. He’s got a bed to get to, and it ain’t yours boo boo.

6. He doesn’t post any pics of you on social media. He has no problem posting pictures of his family, friends and even dogs – but when it comes to you, it’s like you don’t exist. And we’re not talking just profile pic absentee, we’re talking any and all pictures. None.

7. If he even allows you to follow him (he’s private!?). He doesn’t accept your friend or follow request? Red flag.

8. You’ve never been to his place. Is his place Narnia?! Do you need a wardrobe to get there? Run away.

9. You never spend holidays together. He’s always with “his family.” But that could mean his wife and kids, not mami and papi.

10. You break up before important events. Speaking of holidays, does it seem like you always break-up before major ones before getting back together right after? Or that the same thing happens right before a birthday? Yeah, he’s avoiding gifts and quality time. But don’t worry girl, he’s got arbor day and groundhog day all for you.

11. Familia and amigos… are they invisible? You’ve heard about them, but you’ve never once met them. Not a good sign.

12. Booty calls… are there any other types of calls? The times you speak always seem to be a little “off.” Like 2 a.m., “I’ll-be-over-soon” off.

13. You don’t know anything about him. You know he exists, but beyond that? If you don’t know his workplace, his family members’ names or his favorite hangout spot – delete his number and move on


My kidney issues started in 2016… I was shocked when my wife offered to help, says Eedris Abdulkareem




Eedris Abdulkareem, the ace rapper, says his kidney troubles started seven years ago.

In July 2022, the rapper was diagnosed with kidney failure, prompting him to publicly seek financial support.

Yetunde Sekinat Abdulkareem, the rapper’s wife, had opted to donate a kidney for her ailing husband.

Eedris, after his successful surgery, released a song to thank his wife for her “support” and “compassion”.

In a chat with TVC, Abdulkareem said he first felt kidney pains seven years ago but it worsened years later.

“About seven years ago, I started feeling that something was wrong with my right kidney. I always feel pain, so I decided to go to the hospital. The doctor told me my kidney is very weak and that I needed to be careful,” he said.

“About two years ago, I discovered that the pain increases. We went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed I had a stage four kidney problem. He said the only thing I could do was to start dialysis.

“He said it could be reversed if I do the first and second but, if that doesn’t happen, the best option is to do a transplant. My wife called her friend who did a transplant and she said we should see Doctor Bamgboye.

“We booked an appointment and went to St. Nicholas Hospital. The doctor did checkups. He said I had to bring a donor and it has to be a family member: a brother, sister, father, or mother who has to be 18 and above to 65.

“My wife there asked the doctor if she could be a donor for me and he replied, ‘yes, if you’re compatible’. She asked how she could know that and the doctor spoke of some tests. She said, ‘can we do that now?’ I was shocked.

“We never discussed it. She did the first and second tests, and she was. We were to do up to 15. On the last one, while I was on my dialysis bed, the doctor said they saw something in her that might render her incompatible.

“She took the 15th test and the doctor took the results to see a professor. The doctor said there was nothing wrong, adding that some growths come up inside the human body that might not necessarily be cancerous.”

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Skiibii’s record label threatens to sue Dorcas Fapson for accusing him of theft




More Grace Music World, the management of Skiibii, has reacted to a recent interview granted by Dorcas Shola-Fapson, the ex-lover of the singer.

In the controversial interview, the actress insinuated that her ex-boyfriend stole her valuables during a vacation in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Shola-Fapson said the stolen valuables include two phones, laptops, credit cards, a Rolex watch, and cash.

But in a statement on Monday, the singer’s management set the record straight on what transpired during the vacation.

The statement said the hotel where Skiibii and the actress lodged was robbed during their vacation, adding that the singer also lost his valuables.

“The label has been inundated by messages and telephone phone calls from friends and well-wishers regarding an interview (“the interview, granted by one Dorcas Shola Fapson (aka Ms DSF)- the estranged lover of our artist, Mr. Abbey Elias (aka Skiibii),” it reads.

“In the interview, the estranged lover made inferences to the fact that she was robbed while on vacation with her ex-boyfriend. Specifically, she stated that her mobile phone, laptop and other valuables were stolen, while she and her ex-boyfriend were asleep at their resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania,

“Whilst the above matter has been referred to our lawyers for appropriate review and action, we wish to state for the records that;

“a. Skilbil and DSF once went on vacation to Zanzibar on 19th June 2022 and returned to Lagos on 25th June 2022.

“b. The trip was paid for by the estranged lover as a birthday gift to Skiibii, as she stated that she would not be around for Skiibii birthday-5th July 2022.

“c. The villa where Skiibii and the estranged lover lodged was robbed on 22nd June 2022, as well as other neighboring villas and the following items belonging to Skiibii were also reported missing- two diamond necklaces, one rose gold cartier wristwatch, diamond rings (4 pieces), one Iphone; and cash in different currencies.

“d. The matter was reported to the Tanzanian police immediately on 22nd June 2022 and statements of all the victims were taken, including that of Skiibii and his estranged lover

“e. Skiibii and his estranged girlfriend no longer felt safe in the said villa, accordingly, Skiibii booked and paid for a new villa for the rest of their vacation.

“f. Upon their return to Lagos, Skiibii bought a new iPhone for his estranged lover to replace her stolen phone.

“g. Prior to the trip, Skilbii had gotten his estranged lover a new MacBook pro laptop, which she did not travel with and as such it was her old laptop that was stolen. Accordingly, there was no need for Skiibii to replace this item.

“h. Skiibii’s cartier rose-gold watch was stolen in the raid and he bought the silver variant of the watch in September 2022, as the stolen watch has not been recovered or found by the Tanzanian police. The new watch was purchased in South Africa and delivered to Lagos by Skiibil’s friend Larry Gaga.”

The statement added that the singer will take legal action against the actress for “defamation” in due course.

“Please remain assured that Skibii is a law-abiding citizen and he will be seeking redress for the defamatory statements made by the estranged lover in the court of law,” it added.

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