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Catholic Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu Says All Gay People Are Bound For Hell: My Question Is Who Isn’t?



The headline of this piece should not really be any surprising; after all it’s a Catholic Bishop, what else is he going to say?

However the doctrine presents some scrutiny so I’ll try and provide a little of that. Besides, Ghanaians love nothing more than persecuting homos*xuals, so in a way I’m pandering to my audience as well.

The Most Reverend Joseph Osei-Bonsu, president of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, was on Morning Starr earlier today (Monday). When the topic turned to the rights of gays and lesbians, he trotted out the usual Christian rhetoric on the matter.

“The Bible tells us completely in the book of Romans chapter 1 from verse 6 downwards that those who practice and those who endorse same s*x marriage politically, religiously or whatever are all guilty before God.

“Homos*xuals, lesbians, liars, and s*x abusers are not going to go to Heaven and the Bible categorically says that. It is no man saying that or no Bishop saying they will not go to heaven, it is the Bible that says that, so they will not go to heaven,”

Well, since it is the bible that said it that’s it then; case closed, game over!

I kid, of course. Christians like to pretend that the bible is the greatest book of all and that everyone else is obliged to live by its tenets. Instead of what it really is, which is just one of many books which its adherents claim was written by their god. All other religions have scripture which they claim is the unadulterated word of the one true God, so how do you pick out the authentic one? Pray you’re born into it?

Besides, if we’re following the bible who isn’t going to hell? Show me the Christian who adheres to all the doctrines of the faith and I’ll show you the way to Hogwarts. The bible is such a huge, self contradictory and obviously Bronze Age tome that trying to adhere to everything in it would leave you insane.

Of course in that instance, they have a leg over everyone else because forgiveness awaits. You can commit all the immoral things you want and so long as you come grovelling back to the feet of the Lord, you should be all right. But who’s to say the immoral gays also aren’t begging for forgiveness from the Lord. He never tagged it as an unforgiveable sin, such as he never tagged adultery, fornication, lying, greed, and hypocrisy as unforgiveable sins.

Besides, the concept of hell was around long before Yahweh had even dreamt of sending his son to be tortured for the rest of us. Seems to me if there’s any hell to fear, it should probably be one that appeared earlier, not its obvious rip-off.

Lastly, can we stop with this meme that it is not natural already? Homo and hetero s*xuality are both abundantly present in nature, what can be more natural than that?


Mohbad’s wife claims Joseph Aloba is her son’s greatest enemy




Omowunmi, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, has accused Joseph Aloba, her father-in-law, of being an “enemy”.

Mohbad died on September 12, 2023, and was buried the following day. On September 21, his body was exhumed by police for an autopsy.

Eight months later, the autopsy failed to determine the cause of death as the singer’s body had decomposed when tests were conducted.

In a post on her Instastory on Wednesday, Wunmi alleged the “greatest enemy” of Liam, her son with Mohbad, is the singer’s father.

“Liam’s greatest enemy is his grandfather. Life is funny,” she wrote in the now-deleted post.

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David Hinds accuses Burna Boy of disrespecting Reggae band at German festival




David ‘Electric’ Hinds, the lead singer and guitarist of Steel Pulse, has called out Burna Boy for allegedly disrespecting the Grammy award-winning Reggae band, at a German festival.

The 2024 Summer Jam Festival was held in Germany from July 5 to 7.

The event headliners were Burna Boy and Jamaican artistes such as Skillibeng, Konshens, Busy Signal, Lila Ike, Beenie Man, and Ky-Mani Marley.

In a comment beneath an Instagram post about the festival, Hinds claimed Burna Boy arrived at the event with a large entourage and demanded additional dressing rooms to accommodate his team.

He accused the Afrofusion singer of attempting to force him and fellow Steel Pulse members out of their dressing room.

Hinds argued that Burna Boy and his crew’s behaviour cannot be a part of Reggae’s culture, which promotes peace, love, and unity.

The reggae artiste also criticised the festival organisers for allowing his band to be “bullied” by Burna Boy’s security team.

“Burna Boy and security crew fully disrespected us at Steel Pulse, trying to kick us out of our dressing room so he could have 4 dressing rooms for his massive entourage,” he wrote.

“Selwyn Brown, original member of Steel Pulse, was livid and our team stood our ground and told them to beat it and you can’t do that to people, especially to a band that has paved the way for Reggae music.

“Summer Jam why do you have a full security team that think they can come in and bully people? Who the hell does Burna Boy think he is?

“And because of us refusing to leave, the security team proceeded to build a barricade of a blacked out chain linked fence that split the hallway between our dressing room and his dressing room making it feel like we were in prison or something.

“I hope that these legendary reggae festivals realize that this can’t be apart of the reggae culture. That’s Babylon business. We don’t treat people like that.

“Please recognise this because Steel Pulse was fully disrespected. Reggae promotes Peace, Love, Unity.. stand up for your rights, we must never give up the fight.”

As of the time of this report, neither Burna Boy nor the organisers of Summer Jam have responded to the allegations.

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Burna Boy to mark ‘African Giant’ 5th anniversary with free concert in UK




Burna Boy, the award-winning Nigerian singer, will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of ‘African Giant‘, his fourth studio album, next week.

On July 15, the ‘City Boys’ hitmaker will be hosting a free concert in London, the United Kingdom, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of his album.

The show is sponsored by YouTube Music Nights.

Released in July 2019, ‘African Giant’ won ‘album of the year’ at the All Africa Music Awards and was nominated for ‘best world music album’ at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

In December 2023, the body of work was listed on Rolling Stone’s ‎‘500 greatest albums of all time‘.

‘African Giant’ secured the number 330 spot, making it the best Nigerian album on Rolling Stone’s list.

It features hit tracks such as ‘On The Low’, ‘Gbona’, ‘Dangote’, ‘Killin Dem’, ‘Spiritual’, ‘Gum Body’, Anybody’, ‘Collateral Damage’ and ‘Wetin Man Go Do’.

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