Popular comedian Bose Ogunboye aka Lepacious Bose at some point.

Battling with her weight for years until last year when she embarked on a weight loss journey. And it seems her hard work is finally paying off.
Earlier in the year she shared a picture showing her progress so far and it got everyone talking.But she didn’t stop there, she kept at it and we are truly impressed at how much weight she has lost so far. Lepacious Bose shared this photograph today on Instagram with the caption;

” so I tucked in for the first time in over 15 years, it felt really goooood. Exciting weight-loss journey…. #happierandhealthier”

When asked about her size during an interview with punch in 2012, the comedienne responded;

“Is it not obvious that I am as big as four people joined together? I have not lost weight in many years. Doesn’t that tell you that God is consistent? God is not partial. He created me this way and you think you can change it overnight. Have I ever been comfortable with it? I have to accept what I cannot change”

We are glad that she finally did something about it, she looks really stunning now… Way to go Lepacious!



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