BodexBodex sure seems to know how to make heads roll and lips flutter. So she does in this recent post which is brought alive by @totalwrap styled forward for make up on by @reneebeauty_ng.

Bodex looks angelic in this subtle baby pink dress with flare hands to flap on as wings. Don’t be surprised when you see her soaring up high in the sky above you because her style is fueled by class.

The chokers merge with the poise accompanied by the rarity the matching shoes give. The gems on the chokers are aligned according to shapes and colors spotted through a fine line of difference.

The shoes in place complements the entire look of this angelic damsel who relishes in poise and flaunts her style and youthful shape when she can.

Kudos to the slay queen who doesn’t care what people say or think, her style is just perfect!

see more pictures below:




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