Shewa Baby

Bodex media celebrates the bright and shooting star, Adesewa Bankole as she hits her four-year milestone on her sojourn on mother earth.

“Shewa Baby”, or “Daddy’s girl” as she is fondly called by her parents and dad especially, hasn’t ceased to be a source of joy, happiness and thanksgiving to her parents since her birth in April 2013.

Young as she is, she is quite deliberate, a fun-lover, and a girl you’d meet one time to yearn meeting again.

Shewa Baby fascinates people all around her as she even does and says unbelievable things compared to her age.

Little wonder they say, age is just a number. For Shewa Baby or Daddy’s girl as you might call her, She would leave you wondering if indeed she is just four years old. At other times, you would so wish you had a daughter like her.

She is not called “Daddy’s girl” for no reason. Shewa Baby is the apple of her dad’s eyes. He can go to any length to do anything for her. She is indeed loveable,peaceful and quiet and has captured the hearts of many, her dad most especially.

He doesn’t joke with her and makes sure she has everything she needs.

Her Parents and friends have gathered round to thank God for her life, how he has spared her till now and how far she is still going in life. Beautiful cakes and gifts have been rolling in to celebrate the little celebrity.

Bodex Media joins The Bankoles to say A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDY’S GIRL!!! Bodex media surprised her with a square-shaped wonderland cake to show our love for “daddy’s girl” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SHEWA LOVE!!!

See felicitatory pictures below:

Adesewa Bankole  



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