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Bodex MediaRome was not built in a day is the usual saying, but Rome can actually be built in a Nigh- just paint it ! Bodex Media painted La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in all shades of fun and adventure when we arrived at the resort on Wednesday, May 31st.

Trees swayed, birds chirped and sea waves flushed, in warm welcome as we explored the serene  environment.  Our early arrival paved the way for a relaxing work environment.

We arrived at 5:27pm and did the usual checks and registration at the entrance. We were handed keys to the rooms which would home us in for our period of stay there. We were in for absolute fun .

Our photographer and cinematographer recorded memorable times which we’d all continue to cherish. To us it was serious business and to others, we were just flexing and unwinding.

Our brief exploration saw us to the beach where we discussed work potentials available and how to improve on our present way of doing things. Work is fun, if you’re in the right environment with a healthy mind frame.

We had ample time to brace up for the press conference. So, when the day came, we just sailed through like it’s business as usual.

Bodex Media Bodex Media



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