18years-Old Actress Regina Daniels Flunt Her Engagement Ring

18years old Nollywood actress Regina Daniels who was spotted in a private jet flight in new photos she shared, flashed her engagement ring as she stated that followers are not always fans.

She flashed her engagement ring amidst rumours that she is married to Nigerian billionaire lawmaker, Ned Nwoko. The photos she shared came with the caption ‘Your followers are not always your fans’.

Recall that the lawmaker revealed why he married the young Nollywood actress weeks ago. Speaking through his media aide when contacted by Kemiashefonlovehaven, Ned Nwoko stated that he is Muslim and entitled to more than one wife. The 59-year-old lawmaker who already has 5 wives, also cited his royal background as another factor for his harem of women.

“He didn’t touch her when she was younger and must have decided to be very intimate with her when she clocked 18 in October of 2018. Hence the delayed marriage to make her more mature. You can’t accuse Hon. Nwoko of cradle-snatching when some northern big shots married 13-year-olds. The main thing is that the couple love each other,” he added.

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