13-year-old Girl Gives Birth During Mathematics Exam In Her Primary School

13yr young School lady put to bed during school examination in Republic of Uganda

A 13-year-old pupil gave birth to a baby boy during a Mathematics examination in the ongoing Primary school Leaving examination in Mpigi District, Uganda.

The incident happened at St Balikuddembe grade school, Jalamba Ward in Buwama city Council, Mpigi District on Wednesday morning, March 31.

According to Mr Godfrey Ssema, the top teacher of the varsity, the lady developed pang during Mathematics examination.

“After twenty minutes, she alerted the proctor United Nations agency referred to as colleagues and they hurried the lady to a close-by medical centre,” Mr Ssemamda aforesaid.

Ms Goreth Mirembe, the nurse at the clinic, aforesaid that when serving to the lady to deliver, she was taken back to the varsity to finish her paper in associate degree isolated surroundings

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