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Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter has hijacked funds donated for him, wife cries out



Stella Maris, the wife of Mr. Ibu, has claimed that the actor’s adopted daughter Jazmine hijacked the funds donated for his surgery.

Mr. Ibu has been in the public eye since he revealed his battle with an undisclosed illness.

The actor’s plight has triggered help from Nigerians; some of whom have donated funds for his surgeries and treatment.

Despite undergoing seven surgeries, the actor’s leg was, however, amputated last week.

In a recent Instagram post, Stella alleged that Jasmine has been “secretly controlling” the bank account meant for donations.

She said when she demanded accountability on the donations, Jasmine “cooked up all kinds of lies and propaganda against me”.

She also addressed claims by Jasmine that she received N1 million to spend on herself.

“The N1m donation they talked about was paid into my account on my husband’s instruction (and in his presence) to offset some bills at the home front. I don’t understand why Jazmine, a complete stranger should be dragging me over my family matter,” she wrote.

“I do not have access to the main Access bank account where people make donations. It is being secretly controlled by Jazmine yet she is cooking up all kinds of lies and propaganda against me in order to keep absolute control of that account. How she manipulated her way and took control of that account is story for another day.

“There was never a time I asked anybody to buy a car for me. It was only mentioned in a private discussion between Jazmine and my brother, and she recorded it as a tool for blackmail. It was an innocent suggestion to help me cope with the suffering I was going through with public transport while trying to coordinate my hospital schedule with the home challenges.

“Jasmine said I took her name to a native doctor. This is very funny. Please, I don’t do native doctors or any form of fetish. Never.”


Mother of popular Hausa musician, Rarara, regains freedom




The mother of the famous Hausa political singer, Dauda Adamu Kahutu, popularly known as Rarara, has been freed by bandits.

The news of her release was confirmed by Rarara, on his verified Instagram handle on Wednesday morning.

Details about the release of the 75-year-old Raraya mother are unclear, but unconfirmed reports indicate that a ransom of millions of naira was paid for her freedom.

Recall that Rarara’s mother, Hajiya Hauwa’u Adamu, was kidnapped on June 28, 2024, from her residence in Kahutu village. According to a source, the incident occurred around 1:00 am, shortly after a large group of bandits armed with AK-47 rifles invaded the village.

“The bandits stormed the village barefoot and operated for a few minutes. Upon their arrival in the village, the bandits went straight to the residence of the victim and picked only her, ignoring other people they met in the house.

Following the abduction, police authorities in Katsina State announced that two suspects have been arrested for questioning.

“Upon receipt of the report, promptly, the DPO Danja led a team of operatives to the scene with a view to arresting the culprits and unhurt rescue of the victim,” the spokesman of the Katsina Police Command Abubakar Sadiq said.

“During investigation, two (2) suspects were arrested for questioning. Further development will be communicated in due course as the investigation proceeds,” he added.

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Ini Dima-Okojie reveals that her fibroids have returned 3 years after surgery




Three years after undergoing invasive surgery to remove fibroids, Nigerian actress Ini Dima-Okojie has announced that the fibroids have returned.

Taking to Instagram on July 17, 2024, the actress addressed her followers and fans and updated them about the challenges she’s facing and her plans moving forward.

She explained, “I want to share something important with you today. If you’ve been following me, you would probably know that before the end of 2020, I had a myomectomy, which is an evasive surgery to take out fibroids. The surgery was successful; my doctor removed every single fibroid and I healed well. It’s been 3 years since the surgery and unfortunately, the fibroids are back.”

Acknowledging the emotional toll of this setback, she admitted that the news has been hard on her, adding that she has no intentions of undergoing fresh surgery to have them removed.

“It’s very disheartening and it hasn’t been the easiest couple of months but I’m okay. I’ve come to terms with it, and I definitely don’t want to do another surgery anytime soon. This time I want to take a holistic approach towards shrinking the fibroids,” she said.

The actress added, “I just thought it was important to share and it wasn’t easy. I remember the first time I shared my story and how many women felt seen and many people shared their stories with me.”

Ini Dima-Okojie highlighted the importance of raising awareness about fibroids, particularly among black women.

“Too many black women go through this and it wasn’t being talked about enough and it’s still not being talked about enough. I don’t even know if a remedy is being found for it. I’m going to be paying for 20 women to get their screening done; it’s very important,” she said.

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I’m so livid – Simi reacts to backlash for saying she does not listen to music




Nigerian singer Simi has taken to social media to voice her frustration over the misinterpretation of her comment, in which she stated that she does not really listen to music.

Following the backlash from social media users over her statement, she took to X to clear the air, saying, “I’m deading that shit immediately. I said I don’t listen to music. I don’t know songs. If I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t know my songs, and if I wasn’t with my man, I probably wouldn’t know his either, because I don’t listen to anything.”

The singer went on to express disappointment with media coverage of her statements, accusing some outlets of twisting her words to provoke negative reactions.

“I hate doing these stupid interviews sometimes because they don’t care about supporting you. They will either lie or post things out of context so people can pile on you. I hate wicked people. And I said this in response to a question in an interview,” she added.

“I’m so livid. Leave me alone,” she wrote in another post.

A curious fan asked on X, “Did you actually say that? Cos I’m of the belief that only people who listen to a LOT of good music can make the kinda music you make. I’d know, I write songs too.”

“I don’t listen to anything. I find a voice I like, I binge their project for a month and move on. I don’t listen to songs or know any artists that are not in my face. It’s not a flex. It’s just my truth. I try and I’m terrible at it,” she responded.

All this comes after her recent interview on the Zero Conditions Podcast, where she stated that, contrary to popular opinion, she does not really listen to music. She also stressed that the reason she knows her husband, Adekunle Gold’s music is because they are married.

In her words, “I don’t know anybody. The reason I know my husband’s songs is because I am married to him; the reason I am listening to my album now is because it just came out. In another few weeks, I won’t listen as much.”

See the full interview below:

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