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Comedian Real Warri Pikin explains why she is yet to “japa” from Nigeria”



Real Warri Pikin has shared her views regarding the current economic situation that has resulted in some Nigerians migrating abroad for a supposed better life.

Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, disclosing that the number of dependents accompanying students from Nigeria studying in the United Kingdom (UK) surged from approximately 1,500 to 52,000 between 2019 and 2022.

Meanwhile, amid the development, she explained to newsmen at a Mentorship program for the youths in Abuja, that her failure to obtain a visa helped her to discover her unique selling point which has now made her a celebrity in Nigeria.

The event, organized by the Centre for Real Impact International tagged “Beyond Boundaries”, was attended by a Nairametrics analyst.

Japa Syndrome and the Economic Situation

Entertainment and brand Influencer, Anita Asouha also known, Real Warri Pikin, told newsmen that Nigerians have to be intentional and understand that they have to take life one step at a time.

She added that the “japa Syndrome” a phenomenon, that refers to Nigerians migrating to greener pastures abroad, shows that most people want to live in their future now.

According to her, there is no country that does not have its challenges and success stories.

Narrating her experience, she said she contemplated leaving Nigeria but didn’t succeed.

She added, however, that the disappointment of failing to get a visa pushed her to discover her own uniqueness, which eventually convinced her to stay back.

According to her, by staying back and working on her gift, she is now an entertainment personality and life coach.

The entertainer did not discourage people from leaving the country but advised that one can succeed in Nigeria if they take responsibility for their choices.

“I don’t blame anyone who wants to leave Nigeria. There was a time I wanted to leave this country, but they did not give me a visa.”

“But at the end of the day, I discovered what I could do to sustain myself.

“People can leave the country, it’s none of my business but I feel that it is people’s choice to leave, irrespective of the country’s economic situation.

“If everybody leaves Nigeria, who will now make things better for the country? Insecurity is everywhere.

“It is not everyone that can afford leaving Nigeria so I encourage anyone in the country to know that Nigeria’s future is bright,” she said.


Simi makes U-turn, says she should not have said she doesn’t listen to music




Following the backlash faced for saying that she does not really listen to music, and her angry reaction to it, Nigerian singer Simi has made a U-turn and acknowledged that her statement was “weird”.

Taking to X, she wrote on July 18, 2024, the singer acknowledged that her initial remarks might have been misunderstood and admitted that she should have approached the conversation more thoughtfully.

She clarified, “In hindsight, I should have had this conversation more carefully. I didn’t because I honestly didn’t consider that it could be something that some might consider as cocky. I’ve never been proud of it. I don’t even see how it’s something to be proud about.”

Simi went on to explain that her comment about not listening to anything was not meant to be taken literally.

“I do see how saying ‘I don’t listen to anything’ repeatedly can come off as weird, but it was not literal. I’m always tweeting about songs I like or sounds I discovered. I’m just terrible at keeping up with things that most other people know. Not just with music. I don’t remember names. I don’t know what charts or shows are trending, I’m always singing the wrong song on the wrong beat, so my friends dey always tell me ‘You no dey ever know anything,’ she explained.

Going on, she reflected on the context in which her comments were made during the show and attributed the misunderstanding to the casual nature of the interview. She also expressed her heartbreak over the way the viral video was circulated in an out-of-context manner.

“It was banter. In the wrong place. This is why I know I should have had this convo more carefully. It was a 2-hour interview with drinking and cussing, so I was chatting like I would with my friends. It does hurt that whoever cut that clip and wrote that headline did it with intention. It’s impossible to watch the entire interview and come away with the feeling that you would have watching the clip that everyone was sharing,” she said.

“It’s all good though. All is well. My friends did say to leave it alone, but things linger. And I really hate being called a liar. But e don finish now,” she concluded.

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Rema’s ‘HEIS’ sets record for biggest opening week on Spotify Nigeria in 2024




In another milestone, Rema’s ‘HEIS’ has become the project with the biggest opening week streams on Spotify Nigeria after it garnered 12.3 million streams.

Rema’s sophomore album surpasses Olamide’s ‘Ikigai’ which tallied 7.92 million streams on Spotify Nigeria in its opening week.

The album released on July 10, 2024, becomes the second album with the most opening week streams on Spotify Nigeria only behind Davido’s record-breaking album ‘Timeless’ which totaled 14.4 million streams.

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Young Jonn reveals the hardest part about becoming a full-blown artiste




Nigerian singer Young Jonn has confessed that the hardest part of transitioning from a producer to a full-blown performing artiste was convincing himself that he could do it.

In a recent interview with media personality Isi Ijewere on her Backstage Banter trivia YouTube segment, the singer was asked a series of questions after his performance in Canada.

Isi asked, “What has been the hardest part of transitioning from a producer to a full-blown performing artiste?”

After some thought, Young Jonn responded, “The hardest part was self-conviction, actually convincing myself that I could do it. That was the hardest part, where I was on stage asking myself if I really wanted to do this or not. It was really hard for me to convince myself that I got this.”

Next, Isi asked the singer, “When was the last time you cried?” to which he responded, “The last time I cried was when I lost my mum. I don’t think I have cried since then.”

She also asked, “Are you lying to yourself about anything?” and the singer acknowledged that people often lie to themselves.

In his words, “I think everyone lies to themselves about one thing or the other just to make themselves feel better.”

“What is your biggest ick?” Isi asked.

“I don’t like people who are not true to themselves. I detest them.” He continued, “Let me not say ‘detest’ because it’s probably not that serious. I feel like when you are true to yourself, that’s when you can be true to anybody else but if you’re not true to yourself, you’re living a lie.”

See the full video below:

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